Students Perspectives

“There are so many opportunities to gain practical experience at CFOS– whether in a course on field techniques, through an internship or being involved with the American Fisheries Society. As an undergraduate student you should try lots of things to find out what you like to do. Don’t come with a limited perspective. Keep your options open.”

 – Aaron Poetter, B.S. Fisheries ’03
Area Management Biologist
Alaska Department of Fish and Game

  • 71% of UAF fisheries graduates stay to work in Alaska 
  • 37% go to work for the Alaska Department of Fish & Game 
  • 20% go to work for federal agencies in Alaska

Madeline Jovanovich, B.S. Student Fisheries

Alina Fairbanks - B.A. Student, Fisheries

Tanja Schollmeier - Ph.D. Student, Marine Biology

Jessica Pretty - M.S. Student Oceanography

Wendel Raymond, Ph.D. Student Fisheries

Mark Young, B.A. Fisheries Student

Kevin Fraley, B.S. Fisheries, '12; M.S. Fisheries, '15

Shelley Woods, B.S. Fisheries, '09; M.S. Fisheries '12

Jessica Johnson, B.S. Fisheries, '08

Tim Sands, B.S. Fisheries, ’91

Seanbob Kelly, B.S. Fisheries, ’05

Living in Fairbanks

Living in Juneau

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