Distance Learning Opportunities

A map showing all of the UA campus locations.

CFOS has some of the most advanced video conferencing (VCON) equipment available at UAF.  The quality and reliability of our VCON systems has improved substantially since we began using this distance delivery method in 2006.

How it works:

CFOS owns VCON equipment in our 4 main locations, Fairbanks (3 classrooms), Juneau (5 classrooms), Kodiak (2 classrooms), and Seward (2 classrooms).  We schedule and operate this equipment with the help and expertise of the University of Alaska Office of Information Technology’s Video Conferencing Services Office (VCS).

Video conferencing allows students taking courses through CFOS to attend classes at locations outside of Fairbanks, Juneau, or Kodiak.  As our courses are taught “live” in one of these three locations, our video conferencing capabilities allow students greater flexibility during their degree program. Many of our undergraduate and graduate students are hired by state, federal, or private agencies while they finish their degrees.  These jobs often require students to move outside of Fairbanks, Juneau, or Kodiak.  Video conferencing allows students to continue working towards their degree by taking the required courses at their new location.

We often video conference to the following locations:

Students must keep in mind that our ability to schedule video conferencing to these locations depends solely upon room availability at these sites.  CFOS has priority to VCON rooms at our own locations (Fairbanks, Juneau, Kodiak, and Seward).  We do not have priority to the other locations listed above.

Other Methods of Distance Delivery

When video conferencing is not an option for students taking CFOS courses, there are other methods of attending class from a distance.  The alternative method used most often is  “Jabber”.  This service is also offered through UA Video Conferencing Services.  Specific hardware and software minimums are required for Jabber.  For details regarding Jabber, please visit this web page: http://www.alaska.edu/oit/vcs/desktop-collaboration/

Jabber allows students (and faculty) to connect to an ongoing class by logging in from a personal computer.  Again, minimum specifications for hardware and software are required.  Please contact Academic Programs (academics@sfos.uaf.edu) if you have questions regarding Jabber and/or attending CFOS courses via distance delivery.

Special Accommodations

In special situations we have also been able to video conference with locations outside Alaska.  We require at least 2 weeks notice to set up this type of connection.  The VCS Office must run tests with the outside entity’s equipment to ensure the systems are compatible.  Scheduling VCON with entities outside of Alaska or the UA system is time consuming.  This is why 2 weeks notice is required.

*If you have registered for an CFOS course and will need to attend class via distance delivery, please contact CFOS Academics as soon as possible at academics@sfos.uaf.edu. Please provide the course name, Course Registration Number (CRN) you used to register, and the location where you wish to attend the course.  We will work with UA Video Conferencing Services to schedule the distance delivery connection for you.

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