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January 29
Jane Sullivan won best MS oral presentation at AMSS 2016

November 17


Cheryl Barnes, Jane Sullivan, Dr. Anne Beaudreau represent the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences at the Juneau University of Alaska Scholars Event.

Wednesday, July 29

Ted Stevens Day
In 2011, the Alaska State Legislature dedicated the fourth Saturday in July as Ted Stevens Day as a tribute to the ​late Senator’s many contributions to Alaska.  Juneau CFOS students helped staff a booth at ​the Ted Stevens Marine Research Institute​'s​​ Open House​​ which allowed​ visitors to observe first hand Senator Stevens’ contributions to managing and protecting Alaska’s vitally important fisheries​. DIPAC, ASMI, UAS, Oceana and Sitka Whalefest​ were also among the info booths.

August graduating PhD student Courtney Lyons (Drs. Carothers & Eckert) left ​Juneau to start her post doc at Washington State University.  She will be an interdisciplinary social scientist for a big multi-discipline agriculture project. 

​In the Field!​
​Cheryl Barnes (PhD student with Dr. Anne Beaudreau) is working with members of the sportfishing industry to evaluate the diets of Pacific Halibut and Arrowtooth Flounder in nearshore waters of southeast Alaska.

Sometimes the field comes to us with bear and deer frequently in the compound. 

​Congratulations to Suzie ​Teerlink​ (PhD student with Dr. Lara Dehn) and husband on the 7/5/15 arrival of son, Finn.
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