The Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center (KSMSC) is part of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, University of Alaska Fairbanks.  The mission of the UAF Kodiak Seafood and Marine Science Center is to increase the value of Alaska's fishing industry and marine resources through research, technological development, education and service.

Currently, the facility has seven faculty members.  Three are responsible to serve the seafood industry based on three university workload criteria: service, research, and teaching.  Aside from the two MAP seafood faculty, the other is a seafood microbiologist housed under the Fisheries Division of CFOS.  Operationally, this is carried by offering credited courses through the university system, non-credit courses such as workshops to industry, conduct peer-reviewed quality research through federally and non-governmental organization grants, and company specific consultations and service. 

Department Emergency Action Plan

University policy requires specific and immediate action in the event of an injury or emergency. Proceedures for our facilities are specified in our Department Emergency Action Plan.

The Alfred Owen Building

The Alfred Owen Building, where KSMSC is housed, is a 20,000 ft2 two-story structure built in 1991.  The facility consists of a central office complex, 14 faculty offices and a large and a small conference room.  Other facilities include a sensory testing facility, a research kitchen, a 1,000 ft2 storage building, and a 5,000 ft2 Pilot Plant.  Specialized research is usually done in one of KSMSC’s four dedicated function - research laboratories, each around 500 ft2, and each equipped with one or more fume hoods. These include  Marine Science,  General Gurpose - Visiting Scientist Lab, Seafood Research, and microbiology.

KSMSC also has a high capacity Local Area Network (LAN) and all computers in the building are connected to the Internet via a Wide Area Network (WAN) operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Office of Information Technology (OIT).

The four laboratories have the following equipment to support applied research and service to the seafood and food manufacturing industry:

Our facilities include:

Visiting Scientist Lab

Seafood research lab

Marine Science Lab

Biochemistry lab

Pilot plant

Conference room

Freezer capacity

Student apartments

Taste panel facility

Microbiology lab

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