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A Solar Design Manual for Alaska

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Publication Number: EEM-01255

Author/Sponsor: Art Nash, Chris Pike

Price: 15.00

Short Description:
The focus of the latest edition of “A Solar Design Manual for Alaska” is an expanded section on solar photovoltaic (PV) technology, which has experienced a dramatic drop in pricing over the past decade. This main section of the manual includes a basic introduction on how solar PV works as well as a section on how to assess the solar resource and plan a system layout. It also describes basic solar PV components, solar PV modeling best practices, available resources, current standards and codes, net metering, solar economics and financing, grid-connected systems and off-grid systems. A chapter on solar thermal systems, based on material from the previous edition, has information on solar heating technologies, passive solar heating and active solar water heating, and two of the appendices have practical information on solar greenhouses and do-it-yourself solar PV systems. Included in the other two appendices are a glossary of terms and f-chart performance tables related to solar water heating. This publication is available as a PDF for free or in hard copy for $15.

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