Alaska Statutes and Codes Related to Noxious Weeds

Regulation and control of plant pests by the Division of Agriculture is authorized under Title 3 of the Alaska Statutes. The Division of Agriculture is charged with the protection of the agricultural industry and the public interest through preventing the importation and spread of these pests.

Title 11 Chapter 34 of the Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) defines noxious weeds as “…any species of plants, either annual, biennial, or perennial, reproduced by seed, root, underground stem, or bulblet, which when established is or may become destructive and difficult to control by ordinary means of cultivation or other farm practices”. Regulations regarding quarantines and inspections and the list of noxious weed species are all coded in AAC.  

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Alaska Pesticide Information
Pesticide registration, the permit process for pesticide application, and individual applicator licenses are managed by Pesticide Services. Pesticide Services is a program of the Department of Environmental Conservation Division of Environmental Health, the agency responsible for pesticide control.  

Federal Acts related to Noxious Weeds
The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has authority to prohibit or restrict the importation, exportation, and interstate movement of plants through the Plant Protection Act. The United States has a Federal Noxious Weed List. 

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