Publication, web policies and resources

On this page, Extension faculty and staff may find answers to common questions regarding policy and procedures as well as access resources and browse the services we have available.

Our Services

  • Design
  • Editing
  • News releases
  • Photo database
  • Publications
  • Printing
  • Web
  • Writing
  • Video Production

Starting Feb. 15, SNRE Communications is making a spreadsheet available so faculty and staff can see when requests are made of Communications for projects, fliers, brochures, printing, news releases and other activities. 

Communications Manual

The Communications Manual includes ...

Processes, policies and forms:

  • Numbered publication process
  • Publication production specifications
  • Publication categories
  • Authorship and sponsorship credits
  • Deleted publication policy
  • Non-numbered publication policy
  • Newsletter policy
  • Business cards policy
  • Editorial style guide
  • Extension logo policy
  • Graphic identity policy
  • Web policy
  • Extension retension schedule
  • Video production process
  • Video/script production tips

Extension Communications is an integral member of the Extension infrastructure in providing consultation and direct support services for the Extension’s administration, faculty, and staff to meet educational and communication outreach needs. In addition, Communications provides educational outreach material, disseminates information, and raises awareness of the goals and mission of Extension to a wide variety of internal and external audiences using the most effective methods as determined for the targeted audience.