Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is taking an Online course right for me?

A: To successfully complete the Alaska Master Gardener Online Course, you need to be comfortable navigating the Internet, e-mailing, using basic programs such as Microsoft Word. You'll also need to be comfortable using or able to learn how to navigate Blackboard Learn and Wordpress (blogging platform). Much of the Online Course uses pdfs so you should have a current version of Adobe Reader or Acrobat. Students who have some computer background, but have never taken an online course, should review the Blackboard resources before you sign up for the course. These guides will help you navigate the Blackboard system.

Q: I don't want to take the Alaska Master Gardener Course Online, I want to take it in person

A: To find out if and when a face-to-face Alaska Master Gardener Course is being offered where you live, contact the instructor closest to where you live. You can find their contact information here.

Q: I signed up for the Alaska Master Gardener Online Course, and haven't received any information.

A: Students that register for the Alaska Master Gardener Course will be automatically enrolled in Blackboard Learn. If you have not received enrollment confirmation please contact Kim Runnion at: or (907) 455-2083. If you are having trouble logging into Blackboard, contact the Helpdesk for assistance by emailing: or calling (907) 450-8300. Check that your contact information (including your mailing address) is up to date in UAOnline. Be sure to either check your new UAF email address (domain name: or forward it to an email address that you do regularly check. You will be receiving important information by email. After successfully completing the course, I will be mailing you a certificate, and after successfully completing your volunteer hours, a patch.

Q: What do I have to do for my “volunteer service”?

A: For more information on volunteering, go here.

Q: Where do I purchase the required text for the course?

A: You can order Sustainable Gardening: The Alaska Master Gardener Manual by following this link.

Q. My username or password is not working.

If you did not forget your username or password, and ELMO does not recognize you, then contact the OIT at helpdesk@alaska.eduand they will help you troubleshoot the problem.
Q: The Help Desk has not responded to my emails/calls? Now what?
A: Sometimes the UAF Help Desk may not respond as quickly as you would like. This is usually due to either a high volume of inquiries or their offices may be closed. If you think your email/call is taking a significant amount of time to be answered, please contact us and we can try to speed up the process.
For any additional questions, please contact us.