Who We Are

Steven Seefeldt is the agriculture/horticulture agent for the Tanana District. Steve comes to us from the USDA's Agricultural Research Service, where he spent some time studying moose. Contact Steve at 907-474-2423 or ssseefeldt@alaska.edu.

Darcy Etcheverry is the agriculture program assistant and IPM technician for the Tanana District. She supports the local sustainable agriculture community through education of the public by organizing workshops and classes. She manages the database for the Western Plant Diagnostic Network (WPDN), which records plant pest encounters and identifies new pests of Alaska. For questions about pests or our agriculture programs call Darcy at 907-474-2422 or ddetcheverry@alaska.edu.

Cathy Turner is the insect trapping specialist. She works during the summer months, setting out traps to specifically monitor gypsy moths in Fairbanks. She is funded through the Division of Agriculture and APHIS (Animal and Plant Inspection Service).

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