Agriculture and Horticulture

Dr. Stephen Brown is the Agriculture/Horticulture Agent for the Mat-Su/Copper River District.

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Plant Hardiness Zone Information

Here is a link to the new and improved USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map. Just enter a Zip Code into the query box and the website will determine the approximate plant hardiness zone. Go to the Interactive Map tab and  zoom into a particular location on the map. Maps are available for download under the Map and Download tap. Explore the site and enjoy!

Soil Testing and Nutrient/pH Amendment Recommendations Information 

Before our office can make a proper soil amendment recommendation to correct deficiencies in nutrients or pH, the land owner/user must take a soil sample. Procedures for this process can be found in the publication, Soil Sampling.

After taking the soil sample, the land owner/user sends it to a laboratory of their choice. Please refer to the publication, Factors to Consider in Selecting a Soil Testing Laboratory.

Upon receipt of the test results, an agent will interpret and make recommendations for soil amendments based on the information provided on the form submitted with the sample.

Please note, if you choose to use another laboratory, you may bring (or email) your results to the office and we can help you make the appropriate recommendations.  Outside laboratories will not automatically send soil test results to our office.

If you are interested in learning more about soils, please download and read this publication Managing Alaska Soils.