Integrated Pest Management

The Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program assists with insect, disease, and weed identification and provides recommendations for control to both homeowners and commercial agriculture and horticulture operations.  Visit the State Integrated Pest Management Program Homepage for more information. 

How to contact the Integrated Pest Management Program:

Our seasonal IPM Technician is now off-duty until next spring. If you need assistance with identification of a pest, the easiest way is to file a report and submit digital photographs either online or on Facebook.

To file a report online, Pest Identification and Reporting Portal. This website is available 24 hours a day for your convenience. The site allows you to submit digital photographs of your specimen and provide details for identification of the specimen.

You can also find them on Facebook at Alaska IPM (be sure to "like" their page if you visit).

The state-wide IPM technicians are based out of the Anchorage CES office.


Statewide IPM Program Manager 
Corlene Rose, Anchorage
Invasive Plants Instructor
Gino Graziano, Anchorage
IPM Technician
Jessie Moan, Anchorage

Introduction to IPM and Insect Pests

Click here to download the pdf file.

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