This site was developed by the Committee for Noxious and Invasive Pests Management in Alaska (CNIPM).

Its goal is to heighten awareness of the problems associated with non-native invasive pests and to bring about greater statewide coordination, cooperation and action to halt the introduction and spread of undesirable pests.

If action is taken Alaska may be able to avoid the negative economic and ecological impacts associated with invasive pests. The most cost effective option for dealing with invasive pests involves detecting species as they are establishing and responding rapidly to their presence. To achieve this, interested citizens and participating agencies must work collaboratively to eliminate the threat of invasive pest species in Alaska.

Invasive pests have many characteristics that allow them to dominate native ecosystems. They grow rapidly, mature early and are able to reproduce both sexually and vegetatively. These factors, along with many others, enable invasive pests to out-compete native and desireable species. Entire ecosystems can be altered as they change from native to nonnative. Nonnative invasive pests have been found to:

  • utilize large amounts of water and nutrients,
  • alter soil and water nutrient availability,
  • and increase fire frequency.

The negative impacts associated with invasive pests are not limited to terrestrial systems:

Wetlands and waterways are particularly sensitive to invasion. Aquatic invasive plants can alter water pH, turbidity and light availability, thus damaging fish habitat and impeding fish migration. Aquatic invasive plants can also choke waterways, restricting recreational and transportation corridors.

Working collaboratively on invasive pest management, we hope to avoid these negative impacts in Alaska.

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