2015 Workshop Information

This annual workshop for certififed pesticide applicators will be coming up on March 19th 2015 at UAA Gorsuch Commons Room 107. This day long workshop will offer 7.5 DEC CEU's. The agenda and registration information can be found below. The large success of this yearly conference is due to the attendees interest and the presenters enthusiasm for the topics.  Cost is $50.00 and space is limited so pre-registeration is required.


Agenda for 2015 Pesticide Applicator Workshop
Thursday March 19th 2015
UAA Gorsuch Commons Room 107 Anchorage AK

7:45 AM – Set up, coffee service, AV equip, registration table, name tags, vendor displays
8:00 – 8:05 – Housekeeping, cell phone use, door open/close, lunch location, parking lot, sign in/out CEU sheet, Welcome.

8:05 – 8:45 Strategies for Aphids and Thrips in Greenhouses, Justin Horlacher, NuFarm

8:45 – 9:30 Labels, reading the fine print, Steve Seefeldt, CES

9:30 – 10:30 Rodents, Rodents everywhere…..Biology & Controls & the New Regulations, Larry Durant, Target Specialty

10:30 – 10:45 BREAK

10:45 – 11:15 Urban Tree Pests, ID and Control, Jessie Moan, CES

11:15 – NOON Equipment Care through the seasons highlighting rinsate disposal – Phil Kaspari, CES

NOON – 12:45 PM   LUNCH on site at the UAA Dining Hall

12:45 – 1:30 Pest Management Practices for Turf, Dr. Steve Brown, CES

1:30 – 2:15 DEC- Permits vs. IPM and Public Places, What to Know.  Mariah Jerman, DEC

2:15 – 2:30 BREAK

2:30 – 2:55 Right of Way Spray program for Creeping Thistle in Anchorage - Heather Stewart, PMC

2:55 - 3:25 Best Management Practices for ROW’s, Gino Graziano, CES

3:25 – 4:15 Greenhouse Disease Management, Justin Horlacher, NuFarm

4:15 – 4:45 Everyone’s Favorite, “Bed Bug Updates”, Larry Durant, Target Speciality and Ken Perry Pied Piper Pest Control

4:45 - 5:00 Wrap up, DEC sign out sheets, ISA sheets, evaluations, thanks to our presenters.



 To register online follow this link:   http://bit.ly/ces-workshops

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