The University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Business and Security Management is dedicated to providing high-quality business education in Alaska through a unique, active and experiential learning environment. Our principal goal is to prepare broadly-educated business professionals with a wealth of hands-on experience who will contribute value to Alaska and the nation. This approach is evident through all levels of our curriculum, including undergraduate and master’s degrees.

Experiential and active learning

What sets CBSM apart from other schools are the extensive opportunities available for hands-on learning experiences beyond the classroom that prepare students for professional success. Students help run CBSM’s major events, are encouraged to join at least one of the many CBSM student organizations, and are funded for travel opportunities to conferences, competitions and career-focused trips. CBSM works closely with the community and succeeds in funding all of these experiential student activities through private contributions. Learn about more opportunities for students to learn skills that will help them become confident and polished professionals.


Connections to local businesses and communities

CBSM provides numerous opportunities for students to connect with local businesses and the greater Fairbanks community. Class projects are aimed toward helping local businesses, and events such as the KPMG Spring Etiquette Seminar and Dinner are held annually to allow students to interact directly with professionals in their fields. CBSM was recognized by AACSB as one of two nationwide schools that best partners with our local community in projects that enhance the professional development opportunities for our students.


Jamie Boyle

“Through the College of Business and Security Management, I traveled to New York, visited the NY Stock Exchange, competed in a student human resources competition in Salt Lake City, landed two amazing internships with BP, and eventually obtained an amazing career in HR with a Fortune 500 company headquartered in Arizona. The many in classroom and out of classroom experiences prepared me for the professional world. I owe all of my future success to the College of Business and Security Management and the amazing opportunities that I was given. I am proud to be a Nanook and even more proud to be a College of Business and Security Management alumna.”

MBA, 2016

Small class sizes

CBSM offers a low student-to-faculty ratio with faculty members who are invested in student success. CBSM is a school where students know their classmates and instructors well – it’s a place where students feel like they are a part of something special.


Learn online or in person

CBSM offers classes through a variety of delivery methods, offering you the flexibility you need to meet your schedule and learning style. Through UAF eCampus, you can earn many CBSM degrees through either online or hybrid courses, while still benefiting from our experienced faculty.

small class

Rachel Doniger

“Working as a full-time 9-1-1 dispatcher, I needed an affordable, quality program that was available online and flexible for my schedule, and I found it at UAF. For me, a highlight of this program has been receiving instruction from experienced professionals who can relate the course material to practical, real-world applications. In addition, my fellow students come from a broad range of professions and offer unique perspectives.”

BEM, 2016


The UAF College of Business and Security Management strives to be the premier business school in Alaska and holds both business accreditation and specialized accounting accreditation through the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) International. This highly sought after dual accreditation has only been achieved by 1.5% of AACSB universities worldwide and UAF is the only university in Alaska with this distinction. 


Quality education at an affordable price

CBSM students regularly score in the 90th percentile on the ETS Major Field Test for Business, and students also have high pass rates for the Uniform CPA Examination. Yet for this high level of professional preparation, students don't have to break the bank; all students in our online programs pay in-state tuition rates, and CBSM is regularly ranked highly for the affordability of our programs. Overall, U.S. News and World Report named UAF the only tier one national university in Alaska.


Tommy Nelson

“BSRB is the only major in Alaska that focuses on what I want to do in the sports industry when I’m done with college. My long-term goal is to become a general manager of a professional sports organization. This degree will help me understand all sides of the industry, allowing me to start on the operations side and work my way up the executive ladder. I love Alaska and the Fairbanks area. The CBSM BSRB offers me a jump start toward my career and the best value for my education.”

BSRB, 2021

Learning in Alaska

For students taking classes on campus, you’ll have the chance to experience the adventure of Alaska first hand. Take advantage of the around-the-clock summer sunlight to go hiking at 11 p.m. Enjoy a hot cup of coffee after walking to class at -41°F. Alaska offers experiences that can’t be duplicated anywhere else. There is a reason that students named UAF the number one outdoor college in Backpacker magazine in 2016!

learning in alaska