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The UAF HSEM program is a practitioner-based program focused on Homeland Defense, Homeland Security, and Emergency/Disaster Management. All faculty within the program have an extensive background as a practitioner and/or operator on the subject matter taught.

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Become Part of the Evolving World of Security and Disaster Management

The intersection between homeland defense, homeland security and emergency/disaster management becomes more apparent with each passing day. Practitioners, operators, and decision makers who are leading and managing in today’s complex environment need an interdisciplinary education supporting the multi-faceted challenges they face.

The UAF Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSEM) program provides:

  • an interdisciplinary education focused on practitioners and operators who work within the homeland defense, security, and emergency management professions.
  • the preparation needed for individuals to enter careers and or increase their competitiveness for promotion.
  • an opportunity to serve in a highly dynamic environment addressing complex challenges.

The interdisciplinary aspects of our HSEM curriculum focus on the integration of a broad spectrum of coursework to help prepare those working in homeland defense/security, emergency management, and associated professions (including but not limited to: military, fire, law enforcement, EMS, risk, business continuity), through either the Bachelor of Security and Emergency Management (BSEM) or Master of Security and Disaster Management (MSDM) degrees.

The HSEM program is a member of the FEMA Higher Education Program and the University and Agency Partnership  through the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

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