Professional Development

Professional Development

The UAF College of Business and Security Management is dedicated to providing high-quality business education in Alaska through a unique, active and experiential learning environment. Our principal goal is to prepare broadly-educated business professionals with a wealth of hands-on experience who will contribute value to Alaska and the nation. Below are a few of CBSM’s annual events that help our students become confident and polished professionals.

KPMG Spring Etiquette Seminar and Dinner


The annual CBSM Spring Etiquette Seminar and Dinner is sponsored by KPMG, the UAF Alumni Association and Lavelle’s Bistro. Professionals from across the state join an etiquette panel to share their wisdom with students and help them learn valuable lessons in the social graces.

Once students graduate, they are expected to know how to act in formal situations, such as business dinners and social functions. This annual event provides them with the tools needed to conduct themselves as well-rounded professionals. CBSM students learn about the rules of etiquette, from cell phone courtesy to punctuality to what to do with a napkin when leaving the table.

After the etiquette presentation, a Q&A with the panel and a lightning round, professionals and students head over to Lavelle’s Bistro, where students have a chance to practice their newly-learned skills at a formal dinner.

Watch a video about the 2020 event.


BDO Resume Workshop

Hosted annually in September and sponsored by BDO, this interactive resume development workshop is open to all majors. It is appropriate for students at all levels of professional development - whether they have no resume, a polished resume, or anything in between. This afternoon event includes a presentation by a BDO representative followed by a question and answer session.


GAAP Professional Development Day


The CBSM accounting student group, Great Alaskan Accounting People (GAAP), hosts a Professional Development Day event every September. Now in its eighth year, this annual event typically attracts about 20 students and 20 professionals, as well as several CBSM faculty members. The event features a panel of students who have been through internships in public accounting or other financial or accounting fields, which provides an opportunity for fellow students to ask about their internship experiences and the interview process. In addition, a panel of professionals discusses the accounting profession and what they look for in ideal student candidates and provides a short presentation on dinner etiquette. The event ends with a dinner with the students and the professionals. Professional Development Day is the unofficial kick-off of the Accounting Recruitment Weeks, which CBSM hosts annually at the end of September and beginning of October. Many of the professionals attending are the same people who will come to campus to interview students for internships and/or full-time positions.


Accounting Recruitment Weeks

Each fall, in late September-early October, accounting firms and businesses from around Alaska come to the UAF campus to interview accounting students for internships, part-time positions and full-time positions. Each day during these two weeks, a different employer will be on campus. Our students could possibly have an interview every day! This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to get placed with employers while in school and for full-time positions after graduation.