Student Advisory Council

Student Advisory Council

The College of Business and Security Management’s Student Advisory Council was formed in 2008 to provide opportunities for College of Business and Security Management students to voice their opinions on the direction of the school. The Student Advisory Council is a liaison between CBSM students and the CBSM dean.

The 2021-22 SAC members are listed below with the group they are representing.


Dean Adelgren

Cadet Club

Dean Adelgren is a sophomore pursuing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice with a minor in emergency management. He grew up in the Front Range of Colorado and loves outdoor hobbies, including hunting, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, and skiing. In 2024, he will be commissioned as a 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Army. After finishing his time in the Army, he hopes to pursue a career in law enforcement. 

Alanna Bailey

Society for Human Resource Management

Alanna Bailey was born and raised in Palmer, Alaska. She has a bachelor's degree in business administration from UAF and is currently a graduate student in the MBA program. She is the president of the Society for Human Resources Management, as well as a teaching assistant for the College of Business and Security Management. During the summer months, she enjoys hiking, kayaking, paddle boarding, and spending time outdoors.

Monique Beetus

Native Alaskan Business Leaders
Monique Beetus is upper Koyukon Athabascan from the Interior villages of Hughes and Huslia. She graduated from AVTEC with an Accounting Certificate in 2012. She has years of experience in accounting and is currently a senior in the Bachelor of Applied Management program. She is a member of the club Native Alaskan Business Leaders as well as a student member of TRIO. Her hobbies are being in the Bible, interior decorating, cooking, planting, and enjoying her kids. 

Jason Greer

International Association of Emergency Managers

Jason Greer is in the final year of his graduate program at UAF to obtain a Master of Security and Disaster Management degree. He also earned his bachelor’s degree at UAF in homeland security and emergency management. Jason currently works as a Best Buy Operations Manager in Phoenix, Arizona. With his studies in wildfire and chemical emergencies, it was only natural for him to be a part of the International Association of Emergency Managers student organization. With the help of the IAEM organization, his goals are to bring awareness of safety and operational flexibility in disastrous situations. In his free time, he looks for opportunities for volunteerism and traveling with his family.

Raphael Martinez

Master of Security and Disaster Management Program

Raphael Martinez is a Navy brat born in San Diego, California, at the Balboa Naval Hospital. As a grandchild of two WWII veteran grandfathers and son of a Vietnam Era veteran, Raphael spent most of the last 21 years as an active-duty member of the U.S. armed forces, deploying four times to the Middle East, Iraq, and Afghanistan, prior to retiring in Alaska. He is currently a UAF graduate student in CBSM’s Master of Security and Disaster Management program. Raphael received his bachelor’s degree in foreign languages (French, Spanish, and Elementary Arabic concentrations) with a linguistics focus from the University of New Mexico. He is a nontraditional and first-gen student. During his undergraduate program, he worked as a summer intern helping to preserve the Jicarilla Apache language and Indigenous peoples' ways of knowing through storytelling. He enjoys spending time with his family, including three dogs, two children, and fellow graduate student spouse, Marisa, in North Pole, Alaska.

Logan Mowry

Master of Business Administration Program

Logan Mowry is a passionate person who loves making people laugh! Logan is currently pursuing his MBA and recently received his bachelor’s degree in business administration in the spring of 2021. He owns his own business called Get Out There, where he teaches kids and adults how to ski and have fun doing it. The mission of the business is to make outdoor sports more accessible to all. His day job is at the Alaska Club, where he manages the sales force, coaching a team to reach their goals while making sales and propping others up. During his free time, he writes songs and plays guitar for his rock band called “Piss Denim.” He also loves to get out to the mountains when he has the time!

Ivy Packee

Associated Students of Business

Ivy Packee was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska. She is currently a junior in the accounting program. Ivy is the Associated Students of Business president, along with the events coordinator for GAAP. In her spare time, Ivy loves spending time with her two dogs, curled up reading a book, or going outside.


Megan Smith

Great Alaskan Accounting People

Megan Smith is a junior seeking a bachelor’s degree in accounting. She was born and raised in Alaska and has lived in Fairbanks for the last three years. She currently works as a staff accountant at Virago Accounting. She loves the ongoing challenge of accounting that keeps every day exciting. She loves the outdoors and spends most of her weekends hiking, camping, and fishing. She is currently the recruiter for the Great Alaskan Accounting People. She has a passion for GAAP and all the wonderful opportunities it has given her.


Shayna Smith

Esports Club

Shayna Smith is a senior pursuing a bachelor’s degree in accounting, as well as sport management. She is currently working as a student assistant for the UAF eSports department and is very passionate about integrating gaming anywhere she can, from accounting to writing. Originally from Colorado and having moved to Virginia, where she currently lives when not on campus, Shayna enjoys all things gaming and geeky, which often leads her to travel around the country for conventions. Outside of school and gaming, she enjoys archery, swimming, and costume building.