Job Search

We often go into the job search process thinking it will be a simple and direct process from start to finish. However, often job searches look more like the second picture above than the first one. Don't be daunted or discouraged! Take a look at the information below to aid you as you search for a job.

These questions will help you narrow your job search into a more defined area and provide an area to explore.

For instance:

  • If your goal is to earn money and you do not care about working on the weekends you might look at different job options than if your goal was to get specific industry experience in your chosen career field and money was not an issue.
  • If you find a job that pays great but places a heavy emphasis on writing and you are not interested or skilled in writing, you may consider looking elsewhere.

woman typing on a computer

For most jobs you will need the following to apply:
Cover Letter + Resume + References + Application.

Quick Tips

  • Check out the Company Website: What is their mission/values? Can you incorporate some of those values into your resume?
  • Match your skills to the Job description: What is the company looking for and what have you done that give you similar skills?
  • Use transferable skills: Look up your previous jobs on ONET and use their vast database to help brainstorm your transferable skills
  • Follow the instructions: Make sure you read and follow the process laid out in the application. If you do not follow directions while applying, how will you do it in the job
  • Fill out the entire application, do not just upload your resume: One of the easiest ways to eliminate a candidate is to see which ones filled out the application.

For more specific tips on application materials i.e. resume, cover letter, references click here!

Say Thank you!

Share your excitement and gratitude for the offer

-ALWAYS Thank the company!

Ask for Time

If possible wait to provide your final answer: this gives you time to evaluate the offer. Once you know what you will do (accept or reject) do not keep the company waiting.

  • I would like time to consider this offer. Would it be possible to delay my answer until next Wednesday?
  • I would like some time to think about the offer, when would you like my answer?

Evaluate the Offer

You may want to talk the job offer over with a loved one, mentor, or friend. Ask any questions you may have.

Best practice: Get the job offer and details (benefits, contract, etc.) in writing

Connect this job to your goals.

  • Does this position help you achieve
    your career goals or goals for getting the job?

Consider the Salary, Benefits

  • Schedule, Vacation time, Coworkers, and Environment is there anything that is a deal breaker or needs to change?
  • Use Calc XML to figure out what your benefit package is worth: