In the Interview

  • Show up at least 5 minutes early
  • Mind your posture and use confident body language (make eye contact, sit tall, use gestures when it feels comfortable).
  • Answer questions honestly and do not worry about pausing now and then to think about a question.
    • Protip: Bring a water or coffee/tea in with you to your interview. If you need a minute to think, take a drink, and then answer the question.
    • Another strategy is to ask for a minute to think about the question. 
  • Ask a few questions at the end of the interview. Check out the links below for suggestions and inspiration on what to ask. 

Follow up

Video Interview Tips

  • Choose the Location
    • The background should be clean and professional.
    • Choose a quiet place with good lighting.
    • Career Services has rooms for video interviews and you can also reserve a room in the library or other campus building.
  • Test run the software/program (Skype, Google Meet, Zoom etc.) that the company has decided to use, by calling a friend or family member.
    • Make sure your webcam and microphone are working and that the lighting in the room is bright enough so that it does not make an odd shadow on your face.
  • Go through the steps listed in the face-to-face interview preparation.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Acing Video Interviews
  • Video Interview Guide: Tips for a Successful Interview

Helpful Links