Elluam Tungiinun

(Toward Wellness)

Out seal hunting.
Photo by Ron Trader, Yuuyaraq Project Coordinator

Elluam Tungiinun is a prevention trial to test the efficacy of the project’s culturally based approach to suicide and substance abuse prevention in three Yup'ik communities in southwest Alaska.

The Elluam Tungiinun project uses the Qungasvik (Toolbox) Manual. The Qungasvik has 36 cultural and bicultural activities designed to build protection from suicide and alcohol abuse in communities, families, and youth.

Every rural community is different. The Qungasvik describes a careful process to develop the prevention activities to fit the local customs and practices of the community. The program provides a strengths-based cultural approach to increase reasons for life and wellbeing.

The Elluam Tungiinun Project represents the fourth phase of the People Awakening project, which focused on identifying strengths and protections from alcohol abuse from the life histories of over 100 Alaska Native individuals. Outcome measures that track the growth of strengths and protections in individuals, families and communities were developed in subsequent phases of People Awakening. The purpose of these projects is to create evidence-based prevention practices for Alaska Native youth.

The Qungsavik Projects work with this grant.

Stacy Rasmus, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator
James Allen, Ph.D., Co-Principal Investigator (University of Minnesota Medical School)
Billy Charles, Co-Investigator
Funded by NIH/National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities, Award number 5R24MD006126

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