Bleached whale bone on a Southwestern Alaska coast.
Photo by Camilla Lieske

CANHR Data Access

In order to accomplish our goal of improving the health of Alaska's Native peoples and reducing related health disparities, CANHR is eager to share data gathered through its various research projects with those who are similarly committed. Not only do we look to share data with fellow researchers, but with our past, present and future community partners as well.

While participating communities maintain an active role from planning through the gathering, analysis and interpretation of data as well as the reporting of findings, we strongly encourage our partners to make use of findings to educate others and secure their own funding that promotes the health of people and communities in their region. This is not to say that we share data with everyone who asks for it. CANHR data and specimens remain the property of the participant who provided them and CANHR is strictly bound by the uses specified and agreed upon in the informed consent.

Therefore, whether a researcher, government agency, or partnering community or local agency, all are required to demonstrate a valid plan for making positive use of CANHR data and to agree to follow the CANHR confidentiality, dissemination and publication agreement.

The following documents outline CANHR's data access process and explain the reasoning behind it. All the information and forms necessary to submit a request for CANHR data or specimens are available here to view and to download.

For further information please contact Salena Bias, database specialist, at or 907-474-7277.

Data User Guide

Data Request Form

Confidentiality Agreement

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