Request for exception

Appeals for refund of tuition are exceptions to policy and are only approved in exceptional cases. A student appealing for refund of tuition must complete and submit the Total Withdrawal Form (PDF) to the Office of the Registrar before the Request for Exception Form will be accepted. Approval is not automatic, and you need to provide documented evidence to support your request.

Acceptable reasons may include:

  1. death in immediate family;
  2. serious illness or injury of student or immediate family; and
  3. factors outside of student’s control (for example, major employment change, fire, flood).

Changing your mind about college, poor academic performance, disciplinary withdrawal or not receiving expected financial assistance are not considered acceptable reasons to seek a refund after the normal deadline. Failure to comply with published deadlines or regulations is not a serious and compelling reason to seek a refund and will not be approved.

The Request for Exception Form must be submitted within 30 class days after the beginning of the next regular semester. Once received, the appeal will be evaluated by a campuswide committee that will return a decision to the student. The decision of the committee is final. A student who files a written appeal under these procedures shall be expected to abide by the final disposition of the review, as provided, and may not seek further appeal of the matter under any other procedure within the university. Submission of appeals and appropriate documentation after published deadlines will not be considered. Contact the UAF Office of the Bursar for additional information.

Late-fee appeal

Late fees must be appealed using the Request for Exception Late Fee form.