Use of the UAF banner is reserved for official UAF websites and may not be used on nonaffiliated sites.

Use of official web banners

The official UAF web banner, as seen at the top of this page, or a customized official UAF department banner, is required on the home page of all official UAF websites. Official banners are recommended, but not required, for use throughout a department's website. If there is a question about whether or not your site qualifies to use an official banner, or if you need assistance applying an official banner to your site, contact a Marketing and Communications web developer at or 907-474-6281.

How to add the UAF banner

When you request a site on the UAF server from OIT, the banner should be automatically included in the design. If it is not, contact OIT to request that it be included.

If you are developing off the UAF server, adding the UAF banner to your site is relatively easy, but there are some key steps that must be followed.

  1. Insert the banner CSS code into your document.
    Insert this bit of CSS code into your document before the closing HEAD tag </HEAD>. Without it, the banner will not be flush to the top and sides of browser windows and the enclosed text will not have the correct style.
  2. Insert the banner code into your document.
    The banner is made up of several elements and therefore cannot be copied as an image directly from a web page. Instead the code must be copied and pasted into your document to work correctly.

You are now finished inserting the banner.

Note: If you there are technical reasons why the above instructions will not work with your website's configuration, please contact Marketing and Communications to discuss alternate solutions.

Department (custom) banners for Roxen must be created by OIT.

How to add a department/custom banner

Official department banners are created by OIT web developers for Roxen upon request. Customized to match the style and colors of the official UAF banner, an official department banner contains the department's name beneath the search box. The UAF logo on the left is linked to the UAF home page. This banner is designed to be used on all pages within a department site.

To obtain a department/custom banner, contact the OIT Support Center.

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