Distance Course Support

The KuC-Bethel Distance Education Department provides clerical and technical support for students and faculty involved in distance delivered, audio conference, video conference and e-learning courses.

  • Fax and photo copy service is available in room 125B.
  • Evening support is available at the front desk weeknights, Mon-Thurs until closing at 9 p.m.
  • For test monitoring, contact Front Desk, 543-4500, uaf-kuc-test-center@alaska.edu  
  • For course technology support, Gerry Domnick gsdomnick@alaska.edu, 543-4590.
  • Students in other regions should contact their local campus for registration and technical support.

Audioconference instructions:

Audioconference Numbers and Tech Tips

Audio Numbers for Students:

  • For CRCD Courses  
  • For KuC Courses
  • OR contact your instructor
  • OR check the Blackboard site for your class
  • UAS, UAA, UAF Courses: Contact the instructor.

Audioconference Instructions for Faculty:

Audio conference hints:

  • Five minutes before your course starts, dial into your course using the 1-800 number. A telephone with a mute button is required. Skype, cell, or battery phones are discouraged and cause echoes, static, or disconnect from the conference. If you experience interference hang up and dial back in.
  • To quiet background noise use *6 to mute your line. #6 to unmute your line.
  • For Technical help call the Conference Center Help Line at 1-866-649-1700, provide your student pin number and/or instructor name.
  • The toll free number works in most regions of North America; students pay for costs outside the toll free zone.

Canvas as a learning management system (LMS)

UAF is currently adopting the learning management system (LMS) Canvas. Over the next few semesters, more and more of your UAF courses will use Canvas instead of Blackboard.

Log into Canvas

What does this mean for students?

For the next few semesters, you may have courses on Blackboard and Canvas. For now, all of your courses, even if they are in Canvas, will be accessible via Blackboard.

How do I know if my instructor is using Canvas?

You can check the delivery method of your courses by looking at the “location” column within your Concise Student Schedule at UAOnline. Once logged in:
  1. Choose “Student Services and Account Information”
  2. Click “Registration”
  3. Under Post-Registration, choose “Concise Student Schedule”

If you have any further questions, contact your instructor.

How do I access my online class?

Canvas offers 24/7 student support via email, phone or live chat.


Blackboard is an online learning management system. It allows students to view and/or download class syllabi, assignments, take tests, participate in online discussions, view grades, and contact their instructor.

Instructors are not required to use Blackboard, but many of them do. Instructors may give students access to their Blackboard class starting a week before classes start but often open course shells the first day of class.  It's a good idea to log in BEFORE classes start.  On the first day of instruction you don't have access to your Blackboard, contact your instructor.

Log into Blackboard with your UA username and password.   If your username or password select:  Help, I forgot my username/password

Firefox or Chrome browsers are recommended.

OIT Blackboard Help

Introduction to Blackboard Course

KuC offers a free introduction to Blackboard for on campus or distance students.  Register for the Online Student Success Course or contact Student Services at 543-4562.

Blackboard Collaborate

Collaborate is web conferencing software. You and your instructor and classmates can collaborate using audio, video, and recording capabilities. Also available are private and public chat, a whiteboard, application sharing, a clip art library, and the ability to add and edit content at any time. 

Access Collaborate through Blackboard, under the Tools option.

  • You will need a headset with microphone to participate in audio and video sessions.
  • If your instructor is using Blackboard Collaborate to deliver class, first you will need to download Collaborate. It's recommended you start this process 20-40 minutes BEFORE your first class.

For first time users, we recommend visiting the Blackboard Collaborate resource page to make sure that your computer meets the requirements, has the necessary software, and to test out your connection and equipment prior to joining a session.

Collaborate help

Collaborate tutorial

Reserve space at your site to take your course:

Most students attend on-line and audio courses from their home, office, or computer. In some villages a school, library, or public office may provide space.

Bethel students may contact Front Desk, 543-4500, to reserve a room reservation. Room arrangements at KuC will be posted.

Village students who travel to Bethel may call Front Desk to inquire about room availability at KuC.

KuC Computer Lab Access:

  • Students enrolled at KuC or UA courses may use the LAC Computer Lab; hours vary and are posted.
  • Students taking e-live courses in the computer lab need to bring their own headsets; headsets are not available for loan.
  • Plan ahead; practice logging in prior to the course start.

Technology Assistance:

UAF Office of Information Technology (OIT):

KuC helpdesk:

  • 543-4500 or kuc-helpdesk@alaska.edu
  • 1-800-478-5822; ask for Jerry Domnick
  • Students from other regions need to contact their local campus IT department

Jerry Domnick