Known Problems and Workarounds

With the upgrade to Blackboard Learn the system is currently stable and operating as expected. Occassionally problems do arise and when this happens the UAF Blackboard Team works together with Blackboard, Inc. to resolve them as quickly as possible. Please note that the most current version of Blackboard will only work with a certain number of supported browsers. Please check the list of supported browsers for information regarding the browsers that work well with Blackboard.

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'Exact Match' for Fill in the Blank questions grades incorrectly

Issue status:  Fixed in Service Pack 14
Users affected: All Users
Courses affected:
 All Courses 

Details:   Fill in the blank or multiple blank test questions have a setting to either 'Exact Match', 'Contains', or 'Pattern Match'. If set to the 'Exact Match' option, any answer will be graded as incorrect.

Workaround: Use the 'Contains' or 'Pattern Match' option.

Flickr Mashup Thumbnails do not work

Issue status:  Reported to Blackboard
Users affected: All Users
Courses affected:
 All Courses 

Details:  If you use the Flickr Mashup to add a photo to your course and choose the thumbnail option, clicking on the "View Photo" button will give you an error message, and then an empty light box will appear. 

Workaround: Do not use the thumbnail option, instead use the embed option and pick the size that you would like.  Students can still click on the image to view it larger on Flickr's site.

Youtube Mashup does not work

Issue status:  Patch in Development
Users affected: All Users
Courses affected: All Courses 


When trying to view a youtube video the following popup appears instead:
"We are unable to display the mashup content. This happens if the system detects an invalid URL. Remove the mashup item and try again to resolve this issue."

Workaround:  In order to view an existing video in a course, right-click on the video thumbnail, and select "open link in new tab"

Blackboard is aware of the issue and are currently working on a solution to enable Blackboard to communicate with Youtube once again.  This is a new symptom of the same core issue with the deprecation of Youtube's API v.2 and a result of Google progressively rolling out new restrictions to those existing API calls.
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