Occupational Endorsement

Occupational Endorsement in Sustainable Energy

The Occupational Endorsement in Sustainable Energy provides students with a broad-based educational foundation based on the two pillars of sustainable energy: energy efficiency and renewable energy.  The program is structured as 6 credits of foundation knowledge and a minimum of 6 credits of electives that allow students to specialize in specific areas of sustainable energy. This degree program prepares students for entry-level employment and can serve as a stepping-stone towards further degrees in science and engineering.

Program Basics:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Hands-on experience through certain electives
  • Options for 100% distance delivery
  • Independent research projects

Graduation Requirements (students must complete the following courses):*

  • ENVI 220: Intro to Sustainable Energy (3 cr.)
  • DEVM 105: Intermediate Algebra (3 cr.) or CTT106: Construction Math (3 cr.) or  TTCH 131: Math for the Trades (3 cr.)

And complete at least 6 credits from the following electives:

  • CT 201: Cold Climate Construction (3 cr.)**
  • CTT 100: Construction Technology Core (3 cr.)
  • CTT 160: Photovoltaic Systems, Part I (5 cr.)
  • CTT 161: Photovoltaic Systems, Part II (5 cr.)
  • CTT 250: Current Topics in Construction Trades (1-3 cr.)
  • ENVI 101: Introduction to Environmental Science (3 cr.)
  • ENVI 120: Home Energy Basics (1 cr.)
  • ENVI 121: Building Ventialtion and Energy (1. cr)
  • ENVI 122: Energy Efficient Building Design and Simulation (1. cr)
  • PHYS 102X: Energy and Society (4 cr.)
  • or other advisor approved electives

Total: 12 credits

*Students must earn a C- grade or better in each course

**CT201 is offered by University of Alaska Southeast

Example Occupations for Graduates:

  • Weatherization Technician
  • Renewable Energy Technician
  • Tribal Environmental Assistant
  • Facilities Systems Maintenance Worker
  • Education Support Staff

Example Occupations (with additional training):

  • Certified wind or solar technician
  • Energy Auditor
  • Energy efficiency consultant
  • Green building consultant

Examples of Continuing Educational Opportunities:

  • Environmental Studies Certificate
  • Associate of Applied Science
  • Associate of Science
  • Interdisciplinary Studies