The UAF Bristol Bay Campus offers numerous sustainable energy-related courses.  Some of them are available on-line.  Occasionally, there are scholarships available to fund student tuition and travel.  We are also constantly investigating ideas for new course offerings based on community interest and demand.  If you're interested in registering for a course please contact us today!  Here is a list of our courses (click a course to learn more):

Typical Fall Course Offering

ENVI 120: Home Energy Basics (1 credit)

ENVI 220: Intro to Sustainable Energy (3 credits)

Typical Summer Course Offering

CTT 100: Construction Technology Core (3 credits)

CTT 106: Construction Mathematics (3 credits)

CTT 111: Materials & Tools Used/Trade (2.5 credits)

CTT 112: Floor Sys/Wall/Ceiling Framing (2 credits)

CTT 113: Roof Framing/Windows/Ext Doors (2 Credits)

CTT 114: Intro Concrete Materials/Forms (2 credits)

Typical Spring Course Offering

PHYS 102X: Energy and Society (4 credits)

ENVI 122: Energy Efficient Building Design & Simulation (1 credit)

ENVI 121: Building Ventilation & Energy (1 credit)

Other Courses

ENVI 193: Residential Solar Photovoltaic (PV)(1 credit)

ENVI 193: Cold Climate Building and Retrofitting (1 credit)

ENVI 193: Blower Door Testing for Energy Efficiency (1 credit)

ENVI 193: Wind Energy Training (1 credit)

ENVI 193: Residential Weatherization for Alaska (1 credit)

ENVI 193: Electric Car Conversion (1 credit)

SCIA 193: Biodiesel and Vegetable Oil Fuel Systems (1 credit)

ENVI 193: Residential Energy Auditing (1 credit)

ENVI 193: Intro to Bristol Bay Energy (1 credit)

CTT 193 Building Science Thermography Training (1 credit)

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