Outreach and Research

The research possibilities at Bristol Bay Environmental Science Lab are numerous. 

Current research topics include:

  • Long-term water quality monitoring of Squaw Creek in Dillingham Alask
  • Life history and ecology of giant sea lice, Meisoteadea entomon
  • Species diversity and habitat zonation in Nushagak Bay, Alaska
  • Tidal power on Nushagak Bay, Alaska
  • Spruce growing condition analysis and dendrochronology
  • Citizen science

At BBESL we are committed to working with our partners in Bristol Bay to address many of the environmental challenges this region faces.  Our work would not be possible without our colleagues at US Fish & Wildlife Service, Togiak National Wildlife Refuge, Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, Bristol Bay Ecomonic Development Corporation, Bristol Bay Native Association, Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation, Nushagak-Mulchatna Watershed Council, Wood-Tikchik State Park, Wood-Tikchik Land Trust.

Squaw Creek Water Quality Monitoring Project

Isopod, Saduria entomon

Nushagak Bay Biodiversity Project

Tidal Energy Applications

State Certified Microbiology Laboratory

Great Christmas Tree Challenge

Bristol Bay Science Sleuths

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