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Solar cells at a landfillRWMS The occupational endorsement in rural waste management and spill response provides education and training in how to handle management municipal waste. Emphasis is placed upon providing students with the skills and experience necessary to implement solutions to challenging solid waste stream issues facing rural waste managers. The program introduces students to best practices in waste management that are in compliance with state and federal governmental regulations. Exceptional focus is placed on workplace safety and students are assessed on proficiency in operational safety and safety planning. Upon completion of the occupational endorsement, students will be prepared to help protect rural communities from many of the environmental risks associated with waste disposal by safely managing municipal solid and hazardous waste streams.

Dr. Tom Marsik hands a large solar cell to a man on scaffoldingAre you interested in a career in sustainable energy? The UAF Bristol Bay Campus is now offering an Occupational Endorsement in Sustainable Energy. This 12-credit degree can be earned in one calender year. In addition, this endorsement is a stepping stone for students interested in obtaining higher degrees in science and engineering and functions as the sustainable energy track of the A.A.S. in Renewable Resources which is being updated and should be available through the Bristol Bay Campus.

Construction trades technology studentIn 2010, the UAF Bristol Bay Campus began to offer the Construction Trades Technology (CTT) certificate program administered by the UAF Interior Aleutians Campus (IAC). Since the summer of 2010, the Sustainable Energy Program has been facilitating this program in Dillingham. Our ultimate goal is make our community more sustainable by providing training in energy efficient, cold climate building techniques and by developing a qualified workforce. Our students gain valuable hands-on experience in carpentry and construction as well as OSHA-approved safety training. During the summer of 2010, our CTT students helped build the Passive Office, an experimental, super energy efficient model structure on our campus in Dillingham. If you're interested in learning how you can earn a certificate in Construction Trades Technology please contact us today toll free at 1-800-478-5109, in Dillingham at 842-5109 or via email at

People gather around a small boat on the Bristol Bay Shore. A larger fishing boat on the Bay is in the background.34-36 credits are required to earn the UAF Environmental Studies Certificate, which can be completed in 1-2 years. In this short time, students will be exposed to every phase of scientific investigation, from hypothesis development, through data collection and analysis, to presenting findings in scientific. This program can be completed from the Bristol Bay region, with limited travel to Fairbanks or Anchorage. In the Environmental Studies program students develop awareness of rural environmental issues surrounding resource development, participate in field research and data collection, and help solve some of the real ‐ world problems. The skills and techniques students learn represent an area of technical expertise that is increasingly desired and needed in rural Alaska. This certificate provides students with the training and skills necessary for immediate employment in natural resources positions such as Tribal EPA Coordinators, Tribal Natural Resources Coordinators, Environmental Technicians, USF&WS Technicians, Naturalist Guides, Fisheries Technicians and other entry level environmental jobs.