Unalaska Learning Center

Aleutian-Pribilof Center


Find us in Unalaska, Alaska

The Unalaska Learning Center is located in the community of Unalaska, serving the communities of the Aleutian Archipelago, lower Alaska Peninsula, Shumagin Islands, and the Pribilof Islands. The Center operates under the Bristol Bay Campus and offers UAF classes, community workshops, local courses, as well as dual credit for high school students. The center offers services for degree-seeking, vocational/technical, and general education students. From this center, students can receive academic advising, and assistance with UAF admissions, change of majors, course registrations, course creation, and much more. 

Unalaska Learning Center
P.O. Box 248
Unalaska, AK 99685
FAX: 907-581-2505
Toll-Free: 877-581-1666