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 Funding Opportunities

Schaible Fellowships for students engaged in study or research at the Geophysical Institute, mentored by GI faculty. The Schaible Fellowships will provide opportunities for first or second year PhD students to compete for a fellowship that will cover up to two full years of support for their graduate program.  

UAF Doctoral Students - The NSF Arctic Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grants (Arctic DDRIG) program offers support for PhD students working in Arctic Social Sciences, Arctic System Science, and Arctic Observing Networks. Students should work with their advisors to submit the proposal. Your advisor serves as the Principal Investigator while you as the student serve as the Co-Investigator. The NSF solicitation is available here; nsf20597/nsf20597.html.

The awards are for up to $40,000 and submissions are due December 15, 2020.
An example of previous DRIGG awards to UAF include studies of Dene Astronomy;