Senate Standing Committees

Much of the business of the Senate is done in committees. In committees, members discuss issues, plan initiatives, vet appointees, craft and discuss legislation, allocate funding, and more. Each committee is chaired by a Senator, elected by the Senate, with membership appointed by the senate chair. Read below for a brief overview of the duties and responsibilities of the four standing committees. To bring issues pertaining to a committee to ASUAF please contact the committee chair. To view Senate standing committees meeting minutes or recordings head to our committee documents page. The committees' full duties and responsibilities may be found in the bylaws. 

Rules Committee

The Rules Committee is made up of the chairs of the other committees. The Rules Committee is responsible for the internal functions, rules and policies of UAF including constitutional amendments, bylaw changes, senator orientation and investigations.

Rules Committee Chair: Erica Santaella



Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for ASUAF's finances. The committee reviews the budget, approves requests for funding (such as travel funding) and reviews any legislation involving or requiring funding. To apply for travel funding please fill out the ASUAF travel funding application.

Finance Committee Chair: Paul Menke



External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs committee is broadly concerned with the student experience, including academic quality and the availability of student services and leads ASUAF's outreach and advocacy efforts in partnership with ASUAF's director of Student Advocacy and Outreach.

External Affairs Committee Chair: Trenton Galemore