How to Join ASUAF

There are many ways to be a part of ASUAF. Anyone who qualifies as a member of ASUAF may join through the following ways. If you have any questions you can reach out to the public contacts of those in charge of the applicable section, swing by the office, or send us an email.

If you would like to join please fill out our ASUAF Interest form on Nanook Engage.


Become a Senator

The most common way to become a senator is through elections. There is one ASUAF election per semester, and if voted in, the student will become a senator the following semester and serve for a term. One term is two semesters. To read about qualifications to become a senator head to our Senate page.


Join Club Council

Club Council meets as needed during Fall and Spring semesters to review applications and provide funding to clubs. To join Club Council you must be appointed as a representative of your club. You can not represent more than one club at a time.


Apply for a Student Job

ASUAF has three student jobs which remain open until filled. This includes the Senate Clerk, Student Advocacy Director, and Public Relations Director. 


Sit on Elections Board

Every semester two students that qualify as members of ASUAF are able to sit on the Elections Board. Students who are running for any position may not sit on Elections Board in the same semester that they are running.


Run in an Election

Want to be President or Vice President of ASUAF? President and Vice president are up for election every Spring term. Half of the senate seats are up for election in the Spring term, and half in the Fall term.