Assessment activities

Institutional Assessment

OMB Performance Details
The Office of Management and Budget under the Office of the Governor produces annual updates on multiple key targets of the university’s mission.

Accreditation Indicators
UAF has thirty-one indicators of achievement that are regularly assessed and reported on for purposes of institutional accreditation. These indicators fall under core themes of Educate, Research, Prepare, Connect and Engage.

ETS Proficiency Profile
Administered annually from 2010-16, this test was taken by incoming freshman and graduating seniors as a measure of learning gains over the course of a baccalaureate degree program. View UAF’s FY11-15 Learning Gains Report.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)
Distributed every three years to baccalaureate-seeking freshmen and seniors, this survey assesses high-impact practices determined through research to contribute to students’ learning environment, and compares UAF’s performance to peer institutions nationally.

General Education Assessment

Undergraduate bachelor's study at UAF is characterized by a common set of learning experiences known as the General Education Requirements. Each year one GER learning outcome is assessed across many courses.

Programmatic Assessment

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment (SLOA)
Each academic certificate or degree program at UAF has a published plan of assessing student learning, and is required to submit assessment summaries to the Office of the Provost every even year.