Tuition Support

All modules have a tuition of $700 (they actually cost much more but thanks to our sponsors we are able to keep costs down for everyone). If you cannot afford the tuition you may apply for financial aid by completing the bottom section of the admissions application. You may ask for partial or full support. Unfortunately the total amount available is limited and we cannot accommodate all requests, so please do not ask for more than you need. The admissions committee reads the essays and supplementary information on applications carefully to identify those with the greatest need and awards financial aid accordingly. We encourage every student with financial need to apply!

We are also able to provide travel support for a limited number of ASRA students from rural (off the road system) Alaska.  This opportunity is provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Near Earth Network (NEN).

Again, to apply for tuition support, go to the high school or middle school application form and complete the bottom section.

Tuition support is possible due the generous support of our sponsors, including New York Life Company, the National Science Foundation, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, United States Department of Agriculture and many individual supporters. If you are interested in sponsoring students, please go to our donation page.

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Questions? Contact Christa Mulder (program director, or 907-474-7703) or Lynn Dunn (program manager; or 907-474-7221)