Filming Permafrost Adventures

Dates: July 23 - August 3, 2018
Cost: $700.00

We are looking for adventurers to create short films to educate the Fairbanks public about permafrost. We will go all around the Fairbanks area learning about permafrost through first-hand experiences. Some of the planned adventures include spending a full day within the Permafrost Tunnel, exploring Creamer's Field, visiting the Trans-Alaska Pipeline, and investigating the hidden locations of permafrost in the Fairbanks area. We will assume scientist roles though real fieldwork, data collection, and scientific analysis. We will visit with scientists to learn about permafrost and climate change research, engineers to learn about permafrost building techniques, and people who have been personally affected by permafrost. With science videos becoming popular on YouTube and social media, creating short films is a good way to communicate science ideas. We will learn filmmaking techniques and how to create interesting video stories for YouTube. 
Students should expect a busy two weeks with half of the time outside in the field and half inside on a computer working on their films. Each student will be responsible for creating their own short film, from choosing a permafrost-related topic, filming in the field, developing a story, and editing the videos. During field trips, the students will be responsible for notes and filming. The final videos will be made publicly available. Our permafrost adventure films will inform the public of the hidden world of permafrost around them.

Apply hereLink only works during application period, February 1 through April 15

Meet the Instructors 

Margaret Cysewski, PhD student, University of Alaska Fairbanks

I was raised in Fairbanks and became fascinated with permafrost during my undergraduate in Civil Engineering at UAF. I earned my Masters in Arctic Engineering and currently working on my PhD. I was an intern at the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL) for several years, where I helped excavate the expansion of the Permafrost Tunnel. I gained interest in teaching permafrost through the dozens of Permafrost Tunnel tours I have given. I have always had a love of learning to fulfill my curiosity. I also like to travel and explore. I am excited to share the hidden world of permafrost that exists all around Fairbanks.

Louis Rudolf, Owner Iconif Design

I am the owner of a branding and web development business, iconif design. Since I was a kid I have been working on creative projects in music, art, computer programming, games development, and more recently also YouTube videos. I am obsessed with understanding the systems behind ideas, from the human psychology down to technical details of implementation. I enjoy creating on the computer, utilizing a wide range of software and creative suites.


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