Playing with Science: Creating a Science Game with Digital Design

Have you ever wanted to take a great science idea and turn it into your own game? 3D Print your own game pieces? Create storyboards or animation for an awesome video game? This summer we will create our own science-based games using digital tools - like virtual reality (VR), 3D printing and more.

In this module you will learn to transform physical objects into malleable CGI meshes using your smartphone, terraform real-world landscapes with the help of drones and cutting edge photogrammetry, create your own computer-generated imagery (CGI) objects from scratch in VR, and discover how to prep your creations for 3D printing! If you’ve ever been curious about game design, VR, CGI animation, movie making, or 3D printing, this might be the module for you!

Do you have a game idea and want tools to help create it? Do you want to turn science results into stories and games that capture the imagination of others? Join us to explore digital design and science, so you can use these tools to create your very own game!

Whale blow


Instructor: Hannah Foss, CGI Animator & Technical Artist University of Alaska Fairbanks
Hannah Foss

Heya, I’m Hannah Foss! I’m a CGI Animator & Technical Artist at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. I was born in South Australia, and moved to Alaska soon after I graduated high school to pursue my love of animation and adventure! Some of my adventures include spending several years as a paleontological artist, CGI-animating a couple of museum films, constructing a 16-ft long dinosaur puppet called Snaps, eating tasty muktuk, snow-machining on the Chukchi Sea, and meeting a polar bear. I’m most at home behind a keyboard and wacom tablet, and I look forward to sharing the powerful possibilities of digital art, CGI, VR, and 3D printing with you. Together with your ideas and enthusiasm, I know we can create some really epic projects!

Instructor: Jeremy Nicoll, Alaska Satellite Facilty Deputy Director University of Alaska Fairbanks
Jeremy Nicoll

I’m Jeremy Nicoll – In college I took a series of aptitude and interest tests. I discovered I was good at science but interested in people. Ever since then I have been a frustrated geek. At my day job I work at a NASA-sponsored satellite downlink facility at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The last few years NASA has sponsored me to teach chemistry, physics, computer programming, and physical science to high school and middle school students. I love figuring out how to share science in compelling ways.