Alaska Summer Research Academy

The Alaska Summer Research Academy program is currently suspended.

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We offer engaging and in-depth experiences in science and engineering.

Our summer academy is a 2-week non-residential program with separate modules for middle school (students entering 6th – 8th grade in fall 2019) and high school students (students entering 9th-12th grade in fall 2019). You will work with two instructors, at least one of whom has an advanced science or engineering background, in small groups (usually no more than 10 students). You’ll be using your hands and your mind throughout – you’ll be doing science or engineering, not just hearing about it! We offer everything from excavating a real archaeological site to working with live animals at a vet clinic to intensive computer programming. ASRA is a great way to learn more about areas of science or engineering you are already interested in or exploring a topic you know little about.

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We asked the students to offer some advice to prospective ASRA applicants. Scroll though the slides to find out what they said.      If you come to ASRA you will probably...

ASRA  Learn something awesomeDiscover the Red Planet student
DIY Dataencounter problems.  Get over it.  You will eventually find a solution. In the end it is fun and amazingDIY Data Devices student
Fish SkullGo outside a lot and learn incredible things that you didn't even know was out there.Investigating Patterns of Life student
bladewant to come to the Archaeology module!Time Sleuths - Archaeology in Interior Alaska student
Leaf printlearn a lot more than you already knew. Bring bug spray...for the love of Jim BelushiInvestigating Patterns of Life student
ratesexperience the best Biomed program in the countryBio Medicine student
mars patchdon't worry if you don't know anyone. You will miss everyone at the end of the two weeks.  Discover the Red Planet student
DNAwant to bring an open mind and know that you will have fun.Mathematics of DNA student
chickensdie...of joy!!ASRA student

Questions? Contact Christa Mulder (program director, or 907-474-7703)

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