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  Christa Mulder

  Dr.  Christa Mulder, Program Director

Christa Mulder is an ecologist who works on plants and interactions between plants and animals. She is a professor in the Department of Biology and Wildlife and Institute of Arctic Biology. Christa is passionate about introducing young people to science; in addition to ASRA she runs several citizen science networks that allow young people to participate in data collection for real research projects. In 2017 she  launched a new science education program, Fostering Science, aimed at youth in care of the State. Christa first learned about ASRA when her daughter attended an ASRA chemistry module and declared it the best camp she had been to. Five years later both of her kids have attended multiple times and even He-hoo, the family dog, has participated as a “canine assistant” in the TrackIt! module. She can’t wait to meet the 2019 cohort.

Lynnette Dunn

 Lynnette Dunn, Program Manager

Lynnette Dunn is a staff member with the College of Natural Science and Mathematics.  Along with ASRA she spends her working days serving the deans office,  researchers and collaborators.  She enjoys the great diversity of the research within the college and the ASRA modules that are held each summer.  The excitement and level of interest the students bring each summer is a highlight of the year and something she always looks forward to.   Outside of work Lynn enjoys exploring Alaska with her family: fishing, hunting, rock collecting and taking in all the sights along the way. 


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