Summer Visual Art Academy

The 15th Visual Art Academy will take place June 3 - 14, 2019 with an orientation on June 1st. It is an intensive visual arts program for students from grades 6–12. Our faculty of professional Alaskan visual artists will teach classes in Animation, Cartooning, Ceramics, Computer Art, Costume and Fashion Design,  Digital Photography, Drawing and Design, Metalsmithing, Painting/Mixed Media, Printmaking, Sculpture & 3D Design.

Full-time students take four classes per day or as half-time students taking two classes per day. Each class is 105 minutes long, five days a week (Monday - Friday) for two weeks.

Classes begin at 8:30 am and are over at 4:30 pm. Students will have an opportunity to exhibit their work created during the academy in exhibits in the art department. Students will select their preferred areas of interest and will be assigned to classes prior to the beginning of the academy.

Students who wish to focus more time in any area (i.e., metalsmithing) may request full mornings or afternoons in that area. Beginning and advanced levels will be offered for each course. Register early for best selection of classes.


We have a new registration system this year through CampDoc. 

The process for registration is as follows:
- Create a profile for your child
- Click Registration and Register for a New Session
- Select the grade the child will enter next fall and click Continue
- Choose one of the available options 
   VAA Full-Day 
   VAA Half-Day AM
   VAA Half-Day PM
- Continue with the registration
IMPORTANT: The VAA questionnaire under the Health Profile contains the class preferences which are needed to schedule students for their classes. PLEASE fill that out ASAP.
All information in that section needs to be filled out as well. 


An exciting course in experimental animation, stop-motion and 2D animation.

Sequential drawing and character design for animation and visual storytelling.

Students create hand-thrown and hand-built clay artworks and pottery.

Computer Art
A course in digital pixel painting and computer design using Adobe Photoshop.

Costume/Fashion Design
Students design and create fashion and costume apparel.

An exciting class that teaches the foundations of photography using digital SLR cameras.

Drawing and Design
Fundamental techniques of drawing and design using traditional and new materials.

Using metalsmithing techniques, students create objects and jewelry in copper, brass and silver.

Painting/Mixed Media
Students learn traditional and contemporary painting techniques while working on composition studies and mixed media projects.

Students create relief, intaglio and collagraph prints using traditional printing presses.

Sculpture and 3D Design
Students create sculptural projects using found objects, clay, plaster, metal, wire and wood.

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