The printmaking program offers courses in Beginning through Advanced and Graduate Printmaking, Relief (linoleum and woodblock), Intaglio (etching, engraving and drypoint), Lithography, Silkscreen, Photo-Processes and Monotypes and Monoprints. Students are encouraged to develop their aesthetics through exploring imagery, colors and various printmaking techniques as well as exploration into the many possibilities used in combination to make prints. The studio has two etching presses, one combination lithography & etching press and a relief/etching press and a variety of hand and power tools to create plates and blocks for the presses. The print shop uses a ferric chloride solution in a vertical etching tank and has access to a computer and a state of the art laser platemaker for photo-process techniques.

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Degrees offered through the Printmaking program include:
-Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
-Master of Fine Arts (MFA) 
-Minor in Printmaking



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Sasha Bitzer

Sasha Bitzer

Assistant Professor of Printmaking & Painting