Arctic and Northern Studies Alumni

Carrying the North all over the world

A look at the titles of some of the theses and projects that Arctic and Northern Studies students have produced will give you further insight into the diverse interests of our students and opportunities for study.

AuthorThesis Title

Timo Christopher Allan

Discovers & Possessors: Symbolic Acts of Possession and Spain's Struggle for Sovereignty on the North Pacific Coast (2002)

Joseph James Chambers

Co-Management of Walrus in Alaska: The Eskimo Walrus Commission and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (1999)

James W. Cook

The Quintessential Frontier Religion: The Restoration Movement in Alaska (1999)

Mark Richard William Daniels

Rural Crime in Alaska (1995)

Janine Davis Dorsey

The Coal Bunkers and the Fairbanks Community: A Social History (1998)

Tone Benedicte Deehr

Vernacular Imagers of the Svalbard Archipelago from 1596-1996 (1997)

Jill M. Drushal

Successfully Maneuvering Through A Minefield of Controversy In the Teaching of Social Studies: A Case Study in Fairbanks, Alaska (2000)

Carol Lee Gho

Alaska Native Genealogical Research: My Family (1999)

Bonnie L Gordon

"Because We Are Blessed" A Settlement Analysis of Noatak Alaska (1994)

Kathryn Denise Kaldor

Exchanging Knowledge in the Real World: A Discussion of Western Science and Traditional Knowledge Systems and Their Relevance in Northern Resource Management

Eugene V. Logunov

Demographic and Social Consequences of Oil and Gas Development in Siberia, 1960s-Early 1990s (1999)

Albert Gregory Luna

Spanish Exploration in the North Pacific and its Effects on Alaska Place Names (2000)

Nicole Susan McCullough

The 1951 Bristol Bay Salmon Strike: Islation, Independence and Illusion in the Last Frontier (2001)

Phyllis Demuth Movius

The Role of Women in the Founding and Development of Fairbanks, Alaska 1903-1923 (1996)

Timothy Mark Rawson

Alaska's First Wolf Controversy: Predator and Prey in Mount McKinley Nation Park, 1930-1953 (1994)

Patricia Connelly Rex

A Settlement Study of Wainwright Alaska (1994)

Brenda Lee Roodvoets

Nondalton's Coffee Cup Café: Successful Native Entrepreneurship in Rural Alaska (1995)

Mary Genevieve Salmon

Spiritual Survival in the Arctic: The Atka Dancers of the Aleutian Islands of Alaska (2001)

Rumiko Tachibana

The Japanese Summer Visitors Survey: Information and Suggestions for Alaskan Business to Attract Japanese Tourists (1997)

Annegret Wilder

Collecting Alaska's Past: Otto W. Geist 1888-1963 (1997)

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