About Alaska

Aerial view of the Fairbanks campus in autumn

An aerial view showcases the UAF campus in September 2005. Credit: UAF photo by Todd Paris


Welcome to Alaska's Interior!

UAF’s  near-arctic location at 65⁰ N offers an ideal setting in which to study the north and the Arctic. America’s Arctic university hosts many of the world’s leading researchers on Arctic conditions. Our faculty specialize in wide-ranging topics within the social sciences and humanities within the circumpolar north. Whether you’re interested in climate change, shipping in the Arctic’s sea lanes, community health and well-being, the relevance of the frontier in northern history, the north’s history of colonialism, or myriad other topics, a place-based experience here offers benefits of immersion that simply cannot be replicated in more temperate regions. Beyond the academic offerings, nature provides ample opportunities for exploration and self-discovery.

Alaska's Interior covers close to one-third of the state, and Fairbanks lies in the very heart of the Interior. To the North, the Brooks Range draws the horizon, and the southern view ends at the towering Alaska Range. In between are valleys alive with wildlife and unique vegetation found only in Arctic and sub-Arctic climates. For students who enjoy skiing, hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor pastimes, there's no better location in the country. Moreover, Fairbanks has a college town flavor, with a vibrant arts community, and an array of civic organizations and activities to satisfy virtually anyone’s interests.

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