Welcome to Alaska!

An aerial view showcases the UAF campus in September 2005. Credit: UAF photo by Todd Paris

Not the least of the Arctic and Northern Studies program's appeal is its Fairbanks, Alaska home.

For students with an interest in wildlife, rural communities, frontier history, or just fans of camping, hiking, fishing, and other pastimes, there's no better town in the country.

Alaska's interior covers close to one-third of the state, and Fairbanks is located in the very heart of the interior. To the North, the Brooks Range draws the horizon, and the southern view ends at the towering Alaska Range. In between are valleys alive with wildlife and unique vegetation found only in Arctic and sub-Arctic climates.

From Fairbanks, all of the Alaskan wilderness is next-door. Mt. McKinley is only 122 miles away, the Arctic Circle is 200 miles to the north, and then there are the endless stretches of still-unnamed wilderness all around.

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