Program of Study: Master of Arts in Arctic and Northern Studies

The Alaskan tundra is home to many speices of plants, including berries. Credit: © Scott Seigmund Fall 2001

The Arctic and Northern Studies Program focuses on the interdisciplinary study of northern problems and policy issues. Students examine the distinctive problems of countries and regions throughout the circumpolar North, such as environmental politics and policies of northern regions, the well-being of indigenous populations, the psychology of life on northern frontiers, and the history of the North.

The program enables students to benefit from the extensive northern expertise and research activities of University of Alaska Fairbanks social sciences and humanities faculty, the rich Alaska and circumpolar collections of the UAF library and museum, and the easy access to northern field sites from the Fairbanks campus. Arctic and Northern Studies faculty have won major awards for excellence in teaching, high quality research, and valuable public service.

For further information, please contact:

Dr. Mary Ehrlander
Co-Director, Arctic and Northern Studies
University of Alaska Fairbanks
P.O. Box 756460
Fairbanks, AK 99775


Dr. Brandon Boylan
Co-Director, Arctic and Northern Studies
University of Alaska Fairbanks
P.O. Box 756460
Fairbanks, AK 99775-6460

Perspectives on the North class enjoyed a tour of Fairbanks and surrounding area during its first class.

Here they are at the pipeline viewing site just north of Fairbanks.

Students and Careers

Arctic and Northern Studies students have been highly successful in finding careers in higher education, government agencies, consulting firms, and industry in the North. Some work in the tourist industry or in northern business ventures. Others aim for careers in journalism or communications where they need a broad background in northern issues. Some teach in northern universities.

Many Arctic and Northern Studies students are already employed. Some are teachers who want to strengthen their knowledge of Alaska studies or social studies. Some are seeking career advancement in universities or government agencies. Other students are fascinated with the North and are pursuing their own intellectual projects and passions.

The Arctic and Northern Studies Program is compatible with either full-time employment or with full-time graduate student status. Some teaching assistantships are available.

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