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Photo: Elders leading discussion

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"I have been a teacher for 15 years and this is the first time that I feel that college instructors are in touch with what goes on in the real classrooms in America."

"Interacting with and listening to elders helped me to feel more at home with the idea of involving elders in my classroom. It also helped me see more clearly what they have to offer and how to use their knowledge and life experience to improve the learning and enjoyment of my students."

elder and teacher
teachers in woods

"The most beneficial part of the institute was learning via human interaction-demonstrating, practicing, using the senses, bouncing ideas off each other. sharing ideas and information, observing, discussing, gaining perspectives on other places and other ways."


2003 Summer Institute Flier (in pdf format) (in html format)

Application for 2003 Summer Institute (in .pdf format)(in .html format)

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