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December Follow-Up

Last December we hosted our follow-up meeting for OLCG teachers. This one was held in Fairbanks on December 6-7, 2003 and the focus was snow and ice. We had enthusiastic teacher participants and several wonderful guest speakers including Jacqueline D'Auria, Samue S. l Demientieff, Martin Jeffries, Martha Stackhouse and Matthew Sturm. The Power Point slide shows presented by Sam and Matthew are already on-line, and plans are in the works for Juke-boxing narrations for Sam, Matt and Martha. We also compiled a snow activities book which we mailed out, and we posted some new activities on our website. Check out photo photo highlights!

Expert Visits

OLCG is dedicated to helping its teachers and classrooms connect with local experts and Elders, and will provide honorariums to speakers in order to promote this connection. To arrange for an Elder honorarium, we need advance notice of their visit as well as their name address and social security number. Contact Martha Kopplin to set this up.

Classroom Visits

The OLCG program recognizes both the developmental nature of teacher professional growth and the diverse needs of Alaska teachers. We wish to support teachers on their growth path and we are available throughout the year to visit teachers and classrooms offering a variety of support such as:

  • teaching/modeling lessons with K-12 students
  • troubleshooting lesson design and instruction
  • assisting with implementaton of GLOBE protocols, learning activities, data collection and website data entry
  • conferring on strategies/design/focus of community outreach efforts
  • if you don't see the help you need, ask
Again, contact Martha Kopplin to arrange a visit.


Equipment Loan

The OLCG program provides participants with the basic materials necessary to do the GLOBE protocols. In addition to this, we are happy to loan needed equipment on a case by case basis. Here is a partial list of loanable items. Loans are set up through Martha Kopplin. If you don't see what you need, ask her.

  • classroom set of GPS's
  • soil auger.
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