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Native Elder Jonas Ramoth

Student-Led Community Weather Survey*

This document is also available in .pdf format here.

Person Interviewed: Community:
Interviewer: Date of Interview:
(Read this first or talk about each point in your own words.)

I would like to talk with you about what you've seen on the land this past year - especially about the weather in our traditional homeland. I'm interested in what you've observed about the weather from last summer to the present, although I'm interested in hearing about other periods of time you feel are important to know about.

This information is being collected to learn what is changing in the environment and why. It will become part of a monitoring project that records what locals know about the land and records findings from science studies we are doing in school. Having this information recorded will also allow us to look back years from now and compare tomorrow's conditions with today.

My job is to interview knowledgeable people, like yourself, and record community members' observations on these forms. Everyone in my class has chosen someone to interview as well. When we are finished interviewing, we will summarize the information and use it in our studies. We will also share our summary with you and with everyone that has been interviewed.

I have practiced interviewing in class and think it might take about 30 minutes to complete. Your name will be confidential so no one will be able to connect what people said with who said it.

Are you willing to be interviewed?
Checkbox - yes  Yes (if yes, proceed) Checkbox - No No (If no, stop; if questions, explain further)


First, I'd like to ask a couple questions about you. How much time did you spend on the land this past year from July 1 to the present?
Did you
Checkbox - day trips only take day trips from town,
checkbox - daytrips, some overnight take day trips with occasional overnights,
Checkbox - week trips spend a week or more at a time out on the land,
Checkbox - more than half time on the land or spend more than half of that time out of town on the land?

What age group are you in?
Checkbox - week trips less than 30 years of age?
Checkbox - week trips between 30 and 50?
Checkbox - week trips older than 50?

Now I'd like to ask you about the weather in our area. How was the weather this past summer?
__ warmer than usual    __colder that usual    __ about the same
__ more rain than usual    __less rain than usual    __about the same

Write comments on summer weather:


Were there any unusual weather events this past summer? If so, please describe them.
Write comments here:

How was the weather this fall?
__ warmer than usual    __colder that usual    __ about the same
__ more rain than usual    __less rain than usual    __about the same
___ early snow fall    ___ late snow fall   ___ about the same

Write comments on fall weather :


Were there any unusual storms or other kinds of unusual weather? (If yes—please talk about what kinds of storms and when).
Write comments here.


Where were you for freeze up this year?
Checkbox - in the village in the village
Checkbox - on the land on the land. (If on the land ask:) Where were you?

Did the_________________ (major water body - river, lagoon, lake, ocean - indicate which )
Checkbox - freeze up quickly freeze-up quickly this winter
Checkbox - freeze up slowly freeze up slowly or not at all
Checkbox - seem normal or did it seem like a normal year?

Write comments on freeze-up.


How has the weather been so far this winter?
__warmer than usual    __colder than usual    __about the same
__ more windy than usual    __ less windy    __ about the same
___ more snow than usual    ___ less snow    ____ about the same

Write comments on winter weather.


Has there been anything unusual about the weather?
Write comments here.


Have the weather conditions this year created any problems for you getting out on the land? Please describe any problems you've had.
Write comments here.


Is there anything else about the weather you would like to mention?


Say thank you for sharing, give them the (cookies? bread? What

* Adapted from The Arctic Borderlands Ecological Knowledge Co-op 2000-2001 Community Ecosystem Monitoring - Questionnaire

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