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Global Change Education Using Western Science & Native Observations

Observing Locally Connecting Globally
In communities around Alaska you hear comments like: "The weather is strange and unpredictable;" "Permafrost is melting;" or "Sea ice patterns are changing." These comments reflect Alaskans' observations and concerns about the effects of climate change on their communities and lives.

Our project seeks to engage and support teachers, students and community members as they investigate just such climate change issues. We do so by providing an intensive summer institute for educators followed by ongoing support throughout the year. These efforts include attention to integrating Native knowledge and western science; best practices in science and math education; and the international GLOBE curriculum. We believe that this approach will enhance the cultural well being and the science and math abilities of students.
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Participant teachers in the summer institute
Native Elder Jonas Ramoth
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Student studying plant life
Native elders leading discussion
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Students taking measurements in winter
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