Interim Director:  Nancy Bigelow, Alaska Quaternary Center, UAF

Community Representative: Jeff Rasic, National Park Service

Agency Representative: De Anne Stevens, Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys

Marine Science Representative:  Chris Maio, Geosciences, UAF

Social Science Representative: Joshua Reuther, Anthropology and UA Museum of the North

Life Science Representative: Nicole Misarti, Water and Environmental Research Center, UAF

Physical Science Representative: Pat Druckenmiller, Geosciences and UA Museum of the North

Student Representative: TBD


  • Claire Alix: Wood and charcoal identification, wood use, Arctic archaeology and ethnoarchaeology
  • Mary E. Edwards: Vegetation history, biogeography, climate history
  • Sarah Fowell: Palynology and biostratigraphy
  • William D. Harrison: Glaciology, terrestrial and subsea permafrost
  • Glenn P. Juday: Ecology of northern forests
  •  Dale Guthrie, <>: Ecology and evolution of Quaternary mammals, natural history of paleolithic art, ecological archaeology
  • David R. Klein: Evolutionary ecology and management of northern ungulates
  • Paul Layer: AR40-39 dating of Quaternary lavas and tephras
  • Daniel H. Mann: Geomorphology, glacial geology, paleoecology
  •  Owen K. Mason <>: Coastal geomorphology, geoarcheology, alluvial history
  •  Paul Matheus <>: Paleoecology of Quaternary mammals, stable isotope ecology, radiocarbon dating, bone chemistry
  • C. Peter McRoy: Marine ecology, biological oceanography
  • David F. Murray: Plant geography, plant systematics, circumpolar flora
  • Link Olson:  Mammalian molecular and morphological systematics, biogeography, phylogeography, geographic variation, and natural history.
  • Chien-Lu Ping: Soil genesis, classification, paleosols
  • Ben Potter: Paleoindian archaeology, paleoecology of interior Alaska
  • Jennifer Reynolds:  Submarine volcanism and sea floor mapping
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